Reallife testing Smart Mobility: impact on traffic management

Experimental area 
The Traffic Innovation Centre is an experimental area where national, regional and local road authorities test intelligent mobility solutions. Experiments occur in reallife setting: on a real road, in a real netwerk, in live traffic. That way, impact on traffic and traffic management becomes visible immediately.   

Exponential growth Smart Mobility  
Exponential growth of ITS and Smart Mobility requires new ways of implementing innovations. Innovations should no longer be guided by R&D agendas, but directly linked to and integrated with daily practice. Testing and experimenting is essential to shorten time-to-market of new applications. And by doing so we increase traffic safety, improve traffic flow and reduce CO2 emission.

Innovationlab en Innovationdesks
The Traffic Innovation Centre consists of an Innovationlab and the Innovationdesks. The Innovationlab is the source of Smart Mobility ideas. The lab is used to overthink and prepare experiments. Also it's used as facility for networking, brainstorming, serious gaming and demonstrations. The lab's main purpose is synergy and knowledge sharing between marketparties, governments and research institutes. The Innovationdesks are used to conduct reallife experiments: parties can test and develop their intelligent mobility solutions. The desks make use of the facilities of Rijkswaterstaat's traffic management centre for the Southern Netherlands - not only technically such as necessary data connections and access to the Dutch roadnetworks, but also the expertise of traffic controllers and traffic experts.