The Traffic Innovation Centre is a collaboration of:

“As an innovative province, Noord-Brabant is frontrunner in Smart Mobility. It's important, since new mobility services enable our region to remain liveable and accessible. The Traffic Innovation Centre is a very import facility in the development of such new mobility services. The Traffic Innovation Centre provides insight in results and measures impact of Smart Mobility on traffic. In order to function optimally, the Traffic Innovation Centre needs to collaborate with other testfacilities - at least on national scale, but preferably on an international level. The first step is a close collaboration between the Traffic Innovation Centre and MobilitymoveZ.NL, the testing environment for pre-deployment.” 


DITCM Innovations is an innovative organisation where government, business and knowledge institutes collaborate to successful introduction of cooperative systems, for sustainable support of mobility and accessability. Technological innovations and knowledge development within DITCM are important fuel for reallife validation in the Traffic Innovation Centre. 


David van Baarle
Director Trafficmanagement at Rijkswaterstaat:

"For Rijkswaterstaat the Traffic Innovation Centre is thé place to test Smart Mobility solutions: in reallife, in real traffic, in the daily traffic management process, without risking to disturb the operation. Demand-driven innovations help us to improve our daily business as traffic manager."



Wim Vossebelt
CEO V-tron and board member AutomotiveNL: 

“We are in the middle of a transition from collective to individual traffic management: drivers are provided with individual traffic information and at the same time the car is an important source of traffic data. It is important to take care of this transition. This means our old-known role distribution will definitely change. Market parties take over tasks that have traditionally been with the government. We need eachother in order to organize this transition. We need to collaborate. For AutomotiveNL, as a representative of the Dutch automotive sector, the connection between the public and private sector is crucial. And that's where the Traffic Innovation Centre takes an important role.”