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Experiment Innovative work flow with incident data

Improving the flow of traffic in South Holland

Road authorities have access to an increasing amount of information about what takes place on the road. Both big and small parties generate a wide variety of information. The test aims to clarify if additional sources of data could help to improve the flow of traffic. This is the goal of the experiment we conduct in the traffic control center Rhoon. In this experiment the national government, the province, municipalities and the Port of Rotterdam work together through the
public-private partnership programme BEREIK! and De Verkeersonderneming. Within the Traffic Innovation Centre together we research how the collected data can best be made available to traffic controllers. This way, we help to realise a better flow of traffic.

Read the full factsheet about the experiment Innovative work flow with incident data here.

Experiment City in, City out together

Province of Noord-Brabant, Rijkswaterstaat and the Breda Municipality improve the flow of traffic in the city.

How do we summarise all of the information from different traffic systems in the Breda Municipality together in a single overview? That is what we are investigating at Traffic Innovation Centre in Helmond. We begin by collecting the information about traffic regulations. In the future, we are likely to add parking data and information from navigation panels. This way, as we go along, we continue to focus on improving the flow of traffic in the city.

Read the full factsheet about the experiment City in, city out together here.

Experiment Smart New Management of Traffic Lights

Improving the traffic flow at the N65 junction

What does the experiment involve? In this experiment, we put intelligent traffic light controller software into practice. It was designedby mobility consultants Goudappel Coffeng. We can improve the flow of traffic with a different approach to the management of traffic lights. In simulations, we observe the potential of this software: through smart algorithms between traffic lights, the overall time spent waiting reduces, there are less stops and more traffic flows through. With the support of Rijkswaterstaat, region South Netherlands, we are able to test the intelligent traffic light controller software in practice, in the most relevant way and at the most logical location.

Read the full factsheet about the experiment Smart New Management of Traffic Lights here.