ITS Corridor

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A67 Eindhoven - Venlo

Source: website ITS Corridor

Every day, Rijkswaterstaat works on mobility in the Netherlands. Not only by building new roads and waterways, but also by using the existing infrastructure more efficiently. Innovative systems for traffic management and information can help us with this. Because building more roads is not the only way to improve traffic flow and road safety. Smart technology can also help, for example by providing better information to road users and advising them about the route ahead. Cooperative systems enable vehicles to exchange a range of information, with each other and with the roadside infrastructure. If a road user in a vehicle has the right information they can essentially look further ahead than the short stretch of road in front of them. They can also be provided with targeted advice, which is even more effective. This demand-focussed approach means that there is less need for interventions by road managers which affect all road users, and these interventions can be more targeted, at times they are really needed. 

Rijkswaterstaat currently working on the introduction of two cooperative ITS services on an international corridor, together with Germany and Austria. The Dutch part of the route runs from Rotterdam, Breda, Tilburg, Eindhoven to Venlo (A16 – A58 – A2 – A67). Afterwhich the corridor flows to Frankfurt and Wenen.