Automotive Week 2017


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Automotive Week, Sunday 26 until Friday 31 March 2017, Automotive Campus Helmond, The Netherlands

Traditional ways in which we move are changing. Technological developments in the car industry, the entry of new market players and the arrival of new mobility services, have turned our traffic and transport world upside down. But these technologies will also make our mobility increasingly smarter, cleaner and more social. By sharing more data and knowledge new opportunities are created to improve traffic flow, accessibility, liveability and traffic safety.

During the Automotive Week 2017, an international mobility week in and around the Automotive Campus in Helmond, various organizations will join forces to jointly discuss how our future mobility can be organized. Discussions on how we can facilitate radical innovations in the field of mobility in the Netherlands. For here all the ingredients are in place to develop new services. The Netherlands offers room to test new technologies in cities as well as on motorways. Public and private parties work together under the motto ‘Learning by doing’ with the objective of stimulating innovations and to learn from it. For if they work in the Netherlands, they can most certainly also be deployed across the border.

This year’s theme is Where Smart Mobility meets Traffic. Developments in the automotive, telecom and internet world are moving very fast. While on the other hand significant opportunities to improve the traffic flow, accessibility, liveability and traffic safety can be seized here. Nowadays, motorists and travellers are constantly 'connected' and expect road operators, transport operators and service providers to go along with that trend. Authorities, companies and research institutes prepare themselves for significant changes in the organization of our mobility needs. What does this mean for our current traffic and mobility management and how can the worlds of automotive and mobility co-operate more closely? These are the main questions during the Automotive Week in Helmond at the end of March 2017.

Completed with hot topics such as: (inter)national mobility trends, changing mobility needs, international cooperation in the field of standardization and architecture, test opportunities in cities and on motorways, public opinion and mobility behaviour, the Automotive Week will offer something for everyone.

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